Friday, May 1, 2009

Faces for Freedom is HERE!!

And we want YOUR photos, to post HERE for the project!!

'Faces for Freedom' is a way of making a statement against homophobia, and for human rights in Australia!

What is the 'Faces Of Freedom' project?
A photography project by LGBTIQQ people and their supporters. It’s simply a series of photos of each of us holding a sign that makes a statement about anti-homophobia/transphobia/biphobia and our human rights.
Part of what we will use the project for is the current Human Rights Consultations being conducted by the Government and other human rights organizations, such as the Human Rights Commission. They are asking the Australian Public if we think we need a Human Rights Act, because currently WE DON’T HAVE ONE – despite 60% of Australians saying that they thought we DID!! Freedom Centre will submit the statements made in the photos as a formal submission in support of Australia having a Human Rights Act to protect the rights of LGBTIQQ people and all other Australians.

How can YOU contribute?
It’s easy;
1) Make a CLEAR and VISIBLE sign that says a short statement about why you think we need a Human Rights Act or why we need to take action against homophobia, heterosexism, transphobia & biphobia!!
So when you’re thinking of your statement for your photo, please think about including;
-HOW homophobia goes against our human rights
-WHY we need a Human Rights Act in Australia
-WHAT a Human Rights Act would need to include to protect the human rights of people in the LGBTIQQ community

2) Take a photo of yourself holding your sign (your face doesn't have to be visible if you wish to remain anonymous).

3) Email a jpeg photo of yourself holding YOUR statement against homophobia and for Human Rights in Australia to Include your postcode (won't be posted online) and any titles, names, statements or blurbs that go with your photo.

Requirements for you photos to be posted on the Faces for Freedom blogspot;
- we must be able to read your sign
- keep your language respectful
- no drugs, alcohol or nudity!
- get your submission in by Saturday 16th of May
- it should preferrably be a jpeg
- you CAN submit more than once!! :)

AND don't forget to be as creative as you like with your signs, statements, and backgrounds in the photos!!

Faces for Freedom is a project of the Freedom Centre in support of IDAHo (International Day Against Homophobia, May 17). The project is based on the US project called Faces of Us.

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  1. hope I can make it in time.
    (i'm away working as a mad man...)

    lots of love, wishes of luck, and firmly supporting

    Bill ( from brazil)